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Published 2013
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Vint Cerf
Henry Chesbrough
Douglas Engelbart
Judy Estrin
Caterina Fake
BJ Fogg
Hector Garcia-Molina
Mark Granovetter
Reid Hoffman
John Lilly
Mårten Mickos
Ted Nelson
Tim O’Reilly
Paul Saffo
Neal Sample
AnnaLee Saxenian
Ben Shneiderman
Jimmy Wales
Bebo White
Terry Winograd


Evidence-based health promotion @work


The aim of the Evidence-based health promotion @work project is to produce research-based guidelines for workplace health promotion.

Workplaces have a great effect on individual's health, which is why the focus of the project is on finding effective strategies to promote health behaviour change in different occupational environments. For example, shift workers and micro-entrepreneurs need different kind of health support than workers with less mentally and/or physically demanding occupations. The promoting strategies include e.g. reorienting health services, creating healthy policy and supportive environments, and developing personal skills.

One part of the project is to study how persuasive technology can be utilised in promoting health promotion at work. An intervention will be designed to study the persuasive technology in work environment.

The project is funded by the Strategic Research Council programme of the Academy of Finland, which funds high-quality, multidisciplinary research projects that have great societal impact.