Harri Oinas-Kukkonen is Professor of information systems at the Department of Information Processing Science, University of Oulu. He has a strong background regarding various aspects of information systems and digital media both as a practitioner and in academia. In 2005, he was awarded The Outstanding Young Person of Finland award by the Junior Chamber of Commerce for his achievements in helping the industrial companies to improve their Web usability.

He has published more than 100 articles in refereed scholarly journals and conferences
including ACM Computing Surveys, Communications of the ACM, Communications of the AISThe DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems, European Journal of Information  Systems, Information and Software Technology, Information Technology and ManagementInternational Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics, International  Journal of Human-Computer Studies, International Journal of Networking and Virtual  Organizations, Journal of Healthcare Information Management, Netnomics, and Software Process Improvement and Practice.

His main research interests are the next generation of the Web, user experience, human
behavior change, and innovation and social knowledge.

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